AUDIO: Jim Harold’s Interview with Christine Smith – Was Lizzie Borden Falsely Accused ? — Crime Scene 83, JUNE 30, 2015

I have been interviewed on several radio shows regarding my thesis Lizzie Borden Exonerated. This one, which you may listen to here, is an excellent concise show, approximately 30 minutes, covering major key points. Was Lizzie Borden Falsely Accused ?   – … Read more

My photo in mountain sunshine

Taken yesterday, June 23, 2015. Mountain sunshine!  

Film review: Grace of Monaco (a film with Tim Roth)

Just viewed Grace of Monaco, and must say I enjoyed it. I knew it would likely be good considering such excellent actors as Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, and Frank Langella, but it did not sound like the type of film … Read more

Photos: Father & I in the mountain sunshine today

Lizzie Borden Exonerated – my thesis

Every popularly purported “evidence” I’ve encountered in my study, with deeper research, is either easily and adequately explained or falls well within areas that are unconvincing and at times vacuous. Of all the commonly cited “evidences,” I have found not one which I was not able to dismiss as having any bearing based on my research, logic and rationality. Read more

The Rampant Oppression of Children (with film recommendation of Kes)

Think this is some article about children being mistreated in some far-off land…not hardly. For in my opinion, some of the most oppressed grow up in the lands considered “prosperous” and “free.” Few children escape the horrors of this so … Read more

“I told you so,” – Gore Vidal. A recommendation of documentary Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia

One of the finest and most important documentaries I recommend: Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia. Inspiring. Educational. Just like Gore Vidal will always be. First, from my perspective, I am grateful documentary maker and director Nicholas D. Wrathall … Read more

Christmas Snow at Home (photos)

Christmas snow, Dec. 26 Snow covered trees, and firewood kept dry with tarps Bright sunshine Dec. 27 Icicles and snow upon wreath Clear blue sky My tree

Christmas at our home photos

Photos can be clicked to enlarge or via slideshow they are enlarged. (Captions viewable in original thumbnail format you first see or scrolled down once enlarged.) To view this photos album, please enable Javascript in your browser. Otherwise please see … Read more

A New Christmas Spirit (video)

View video here: Friends: A Christmas Spirit I have never had has just become part of my life! A delightful bottle of Saracco Moscato d’Asti, a gift from good friends was given to us today. Father and I appreciate … Read more

Killing Emmett Young/ Emmett’s Mark (a film with Tim Roth)

Viewed the 2002-released Killing Emmett Young again (having seen it years ago), and found it once more an interesting suspenseful film…unique in its premise as in its entire story. A young homicide detective, Emmett Young (Scott Wolf), finds himself with … Read more

Tim Roth is the sexiest man in the world.

Quentin Tarantino and Tim Roth – three films: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms

Quentin Tarantino – no more than his name need be said to evoke memories of his unique films be he its director, screenwriter, or producer. And for me, the satirical combination of Tarantino’s eye for the humor, absurdity, and insanity … Read more

Photo- my father on a cold windy late afternoon

Took this photo of my father late Monday afternoon (Feb. 24, 2014)…it was getting dark and he was about to come in after working outside on a cold windy Colorado afternoon in the mountains.

The Sunset Limited (Cormac McCarthy, Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson) film recommendation

The Sunset Limited, an outstanding (HBO) film based on Cormac McCarthy’s play of that name, is a production for the intelligent, thoughtful and spiritually questioning viewer. And to be spiritually based, one must always be questioning, for only then is … Read more

Childhood photo at the pool

  …me (as a little girl) at the pool with my father.

Photos of deer family

Today I had the blessing of seeing a deer family walking together, eating, and after I took these photos they laid down on the leaves and rested for awhile. Although the photos I took show the father and one child, … Read more

Jumpin’ At The Boneyard – Fine script/direction from Jeff Stanzler (a film with Tim Roth)

A good drama is rare. I do so appreciate films with stories which are realistic and break the mold. Such is Jumpin’ at the Boneyard, another excellent film written and directed by Jeff Stanzler (also the writer/director of the good … Read more

My Christmas, 2013 (photos)

Christmas Day–After spending some time outside under a beautiful blue sky, bright sun, and glistening snow, father and I returned inside our mountain cabin to hear Christmas music and have a delicious dinner. The link will take you to a … Read more

Political freedom doesn’t exist apart from spiritual truth; The Murder of Father Jerzy Popieluszko

  (Trailer for documentary Messenger of The Truth, trailer above includes video of Father Jerzy Popieluszko speaking.) I believe that the spiritual is the only thing of meaning in this world, thus I reject most men’s ways of trying to … Read more

Characteristics of the Life of an Individual Exemplified in La Legende du pianiste sur l’ocean, Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean, or The Legend of 1900 – a film with Tim Roth

Another example of a film, which for me, I received greater meaning from and appreciation of upon a second viewing. The Legend of 1900 (director and screenplay – Giuseppe Tornatore) is a beautiful film I highly recommend for the individual. … Read more

Commentary on “juvenile delinquency” with film recommendation of “Made In Britain” (Tim Roth’s first film)

He’s 16 and angry. He’s Trevor, the young protagonist played by a then approximately 20-year old Tim Roth, in Alan Clarke’s directing of the powerful film classic Made in Britain, based on the screenplay written by David Leland (Mona Lisa, … Read more

I love singing! (photo)

Photo taken 10-27-2013.

Photo – A quiet restful Sunday…preparing to make some videos.


Beware of “Fans” – many are indeed fanatics (referencing 2 good films “Misery” and “Antiviral”)

I’ll never forget  watching the film Misery. With Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes, the obsessed fan who rescues her favorite novelist Paul Sheldon played by James Caan. One could feel the hapless victim’s horror as the ordeal progressed. It was … Read more

Tim Roth – The Man

Tim Roth has a good heart. He is certainly a fine actor, as most of you know, but since I perceived him as a most attractive man whose film work was always exceptional, I sought to learn more about him … Read more

Starting my weekend now! (photo)

Starting my weekend now! The only work I’ll be doing in the next three days is working on my book – and that’s a pleasure!

Grieg: Piano Concerto in A Minor – Adagio…Gore Vidal memory

Each time I hear this beautiful piece of music I think of my love for Gore Vidal – all that I learned, the person I became and so early on due to reading his informative mind-opening works…I am ever so … Read more


Care not what others say or think about you – be you and shine – leave all who negate you behind – out of heart and out of mind. Shine.

The Use of Atomic Bombs by The U.S. During WWII

Each year at this time we are bombarded with stories of the U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII. And each year at this time many Americans blindly and ignorantly repeat the same old propaganda they’ve been indoctrinated with … Read more

The Nature of True Love

1. You will never truly love any other – not a child, another relative, a partner, or even a friend – if you have not chosen to love yourself. Your true Self must be loved – nurtured and embraced and … Read more

My Review/Recommendation of “Youth Without Youth” – a Francis Ford Coppola & Tim Roth masterpiece

Beautifully filmed, elegant, and one of the most outstanding and extraordinary performances of Tim Roth. Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth is a testament to film’s dramatic ability to provoke thought, emotion, and explore the deepest questions mankind ponders throughout … Read more

A Real Man

A real man is one who still plays like a little boy. I love seeing a man with his playful love of life manifested in enjoying his avocations whatever they may be. It’s rare to view happiness, delight, enjoyment, appreciation, … Read more


I dislike the mentality of most women – they are such pathetic weaklings, usually controlled by emotionalism. And all my life have found men, in general, to be far more agreeable due to their intellect and rational thinking.


Non-aggression – simply stated to anyone regardless of their concepts/beliefs – says it succinctly and adequately without further words needed to explain my approach to the activities of man relating to fellow man. If it involves or requires aggression, I … Read more

My Review of “The Last Sign” (a film with Tim Roth)

The Last Sign (link to its trailer on IMDb below) was an interesting drama; its premise intriguing, and its message true. It is a story of forgiveness, and its supernatural elements I appreciated. I do believe communication beyond the grave … Read more

Personal Appeal from Christine Smith

For the past several days when I step out the door of my cabin in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, I have been saddened by the dense smoke so thick that I cannot view the mountain peaks which tower above … Read more

“Brostitute”- extremely amusing short online video with Tim Roth

Tim Roth seems to possess a wry sense of humor. I love it. It’s apparent in a few of the film roles he’s acted, and it’s communicated to a greater extent in some of the interviews he’s given over the … Read more

The Films of Anthony Hopkins (Recommendations/Brief Reviews)

With a collection of over 60 Anthony Hopkins’ films, I have listed some I particularly recommend below. This list is by no means exhaustive, but are films I decided to list so that if you are unfamiliar with the eclectic … Read more

Happy Weekend! (photo taken today)

Film Recommendation/Review of “Vatel” (a film with Tim Roth), & how 17th century royalty differs not from politicians today

I tend to rarely view period pieces, but this is one I am oh so glad I did: Vatel (Its official trailer at the end of this piece). The film, based on a true story set in France 1671, does … Read more

Film Recommendation/Review of “Dead Man”

What a unique film is Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man…and one I recommend. A western? Yes, but not atypical. Rather, with its accurate period detail combined with its numerous references in word and scene to the writings of William Blake (along … Read more


“Life” is a continual path – neither beginning nor ending with the body you currently inhabit. This is but one part of it, filled with reason and purpose and lessons.

Skellig: The Owl Man – a beautiful film for adults & children alike (a film with Tim Roth)

Skellig: The Owl Man – A beautiful and wondrous film for those (both children & adults) who sense non-ordinary reality and are unafraid to explore and embrace it. (See its website pages/official trailer below.) Faith, hope, grace, compassion,…love – in … Read more

“Deceiver” (one of Tim Roth’s finest)

Tim Roth’s eclectic body of work is impressive – spanning many years – and in an incredible diversity of films and roles. I own many, if not most, of his films, with my favorites being his serious dramatic roles, though … Read more


Home is not where you came from…but where you belong.

“No Way Home” a film and the truth for many (a film with Tim Roth)

I most appreciate serious dramas depicting well the reality of human experience – such is the case in the excellent film No Way Home, starring Tim Roth as a young man just released from prison. An incredible performance of tender … Read more

Mother’s Day, 2013, love of my Holy Mother Mary

Mother’s Day – I am grateful and love my Holy Mother Mary. I invite readers to this excellent Wikepedia page regarding the Marian hymn/prayer “Salve Regina” or “The Hail! Holy Queen”: and to an entry I wrote in 2009 … Read more

Commentary on Disasters, Tragedies, & Government (with recommendation of film “Tsunami – The Aftermath”- a film with Tim Roth)

One of the last nails into the coffin containing my illusion that governments care about protecting the well-being of people occurred following the horrendous tsunami of Dec. 26, 2004. I buried the illusion a few years later. Recently I viewed … Read more

Spring photo movie I made today

    Greetings. It’s spring, and I was treated to flowers, blue sky, sunshine, glistening mountains, hummingbirds, and butterflies today. I took these photos today at my home, came inside and made this 1-minute slideshow sharing from my Rocky Mountain … Read more

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