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by Christine Smith

Tim Roth has a good heart.

He is certainly a fine actor, as most of you know, but since I perceived him as a most attractive man whose film work was always exceptional, I sought to learn more about him from his interviews from years past and social media interactions …I found most interesting information I deeply appreciated knowing, and thought I’d share it with my readers who may like him as an actor but may also appreciate knowing about some of his views.

In film, I’ve loved seeing him from his comedic to his most serious – he is extraordinary in his roles. He says so much with his expressions, mannerisms, all his movements – he can communicate just as much by how he looks as in what his script lines are. His choice of films/roles says much about him. This is a man who can be in a large well-known film just as likely as he is to appear in smaller independent films or films on limited budgets. He has appeared in some excellent indies for years, and one can tell it was the script…the story…which made him want to be in it (a sentiment he’s expressed during interviews over the years). He’s a true actor – a character actor – who cares about what a film conveys – not just the role he plays in it (large or small). Committed to good scripts/stories, studio films or independent – Roth shines in whatever he selects.

Beyond that, learning from numerous news/interviews/etc. over the years, he is a most thoughtful, compassionate individual. Roth is a man who has the courage to speak up and work for the principles he believes in. He is so different a man than most, for one truly feels a strong sense of humility, and passion for exposing injustices when he speaks. He has boldly expressed his views on matters such as wars, torture, slavery, bullying, the death penalty, those who are victims of child/sexual abuse, and unjust discrimination to name a few. The natural rights of human beings to live free seems a priority to him. 

In general, I’d summarize it this way: He has spoken against arrogance…and for the people, the children, all those who suffer at the hands of bully’s.

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Considering his remarks over the years on such controversial matters, I see the mark of a true individual…one who doesn’t care what others think, he is one who speaks the truth as he sees it. He will challenge authority. He’s concerned and focused on learning and sharing – he uses his platform which has occurred naturally as a result of his career, to share what he thinks about. Many of those with the type of celebrity status he has achieved, are people whose lives seem base, void of goodness, and living lives in which one sees nothing to be admired, commended, or emulated. Many celebrities (be they actors, musicians, etc.) appear to be extremely egotistical, with lives that seem to be devolving instead of evolving.

Roth, on the other hand, seems authentic. No image to protect, no putting on airs…just Tim Roth as he is. He say’s it like he sees it…whether about something beautiful and noteworthy or something which he disagrees with.

The playfulness he evinces, his spontaneity in sharing what he enjoys from beer to photography or music and films, his entire demeanor off-camera, sense of humor, etc….what a joy to see a man who appears to simply be himself. Often, he gives interviews in pubs/taverns…comfortable…and no more honest interviews will you read/listen to than from this man.

His philanthropic support of artists and art, film-making, youth, and humanitarian causes he chooses to involve himself in are remarkable – quite telling of what he values. As are the films he has viewed  throughout the years which he has expressed as meaningful. 

Add to it, what little he chooses to share of his personal life (another most admirable quality-keeping the personal part of life personal), I perceive a man who loves his family – it is his priority…to see a happy content man, doing what he loves, raising a family, having been married for some 20+ years (so meaningful and impressive, a beautiful couple)…is to see a beautiful man who evinces the qualities I most respect. It’s also quite poignant to hear him speak of his childhood, his father, and the experiences in life that he has had.

Here’s to recognizing a fine actor and a good man.

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